3 Technology Levels to Choose From

We believe in providing the right hearing solution for you. Your lifestyle and budget are factors in providing the best solution. We offer a full line of digital hearing aids to serve your specific hearing needs. Whether you are interested in reliable, easy-to-wear solutions at an affordable price, or in need of top-of-the-line hearing technology we are the name you can trust to meet all those needs.

Premium Level Hearing Aids

Our Premium level hearing aids were designed for individuals who lead active lifestyles and whose listening environments include frequent background noise. Active lifestyles often feature a variety of video and audio entertainment, diverse restaurant dining, sporting events, outdoor activities, demanding careers, group participation, family gatherings, movies, driving, mall shopping and church activities.By combining patented features such as automatic technology, advanced noise cancellation management and feedback cancellation, as well as connectivity ability to other technology such as phone or tablets, this level of technology not only allows for more seamless natural hearing experience but also lifestyle convenience and added value in your lifestyle that much of the technology is unable to provide.

Mid-Level Hearing Aids

Mid-Level Technology offer excellent features at a mid-level price point. These hearing aids are designed for individuals who lead quieter lifestyles and whose listening environments include limited background noise. Quiet lifestyles often feature activities including one-on-one conversations, some television and radio, quiet shopping trips and weekly church services. Additional features include noise reduction, conventional directionality and automatic technology.

Entry Level Hearing Aids

Entry Level Hearing Aids offer qualityfeatures at an entry-level price and are the responsible choice for those who want an economical solution to help with hearing lifestyle challenges.This level of technology is designed for individuals who lead very quiet lifestyles and whose listening environments rarely include background noise. Very quiet lifestyles most often feature activities in and around the home, such as limited television, radio or recorded books and small church services.

All Hearing Aid Systems Are Not Created Equal. Our Doctor of Audiology though her extensive education, training and experience will help you navigate the best level of technology for your individualized lifestyle needs.